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Our resumes are meticulously engineered so that each one is unique. Each one is as unique as its owner. It is the cultivation of all your career.

In today’s digital world, it’s extremely important to stay up to date, and in this competitive market it’s imperative to stay on top. That’s why our resumes are designed with industry specific keywords strategically interwoven into each section. This optimizes each resume for inspection by man or machine! It is quality through and through.

We conduct very thorough research on each resume we construct to gain an insight of your daily responsibilities, while ensuring the finished product is of the highest quality, professionalism, and organization. A resume is a document that increases your chances of getting hired. A professional resume is a document that is top notch, well thought out, cleverly engineered, and assures that you receive maximum positive results.

Available Resume Types

  • Generalized Resumes
  • Civilian Resumes
  • Military Resumes
  • Federal/Government Resumes
  • Tailored Resumes
  • Other Requested Resumes

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More Information

Our Resumes and Cover Letters are engineered to rank high in the ATS System, while holding a high success rate by increasing callbacks and interview opportunities, in addition to, the career that our clients have applied to & desired!

Please Note:

We will NOT falsify information and we will not accept false information. You MUST advise us of ANY time restraints so we will be able to deliver your resume and cover letter in a timely manner. This is YOUR responsibility as we are NOT aware of any interview time/day or job closing notices UNTIL you tell us!